Karen & Brian Get Married. A Gorgeous Autumn Enterkine House Wedding.

September 7, 2014
The wedding of Karen & Brian, Enterkine house, Ayrshire

The wedding of Karen & Brian, Enterkine house, Ayrshire

Back at the beginning of November Andrew and Emmett travelled down from Glasgow to the beautiful Enterkine Country House Hotel for a spot of Ayrshire wedding photography.

Already well aware that Karen & Brian had an amazing sense of humour after shooting their pre-wedding shoot a few weeks before the wedding, Andrew and Emmett were bowled over by just how relaxed they were and we more than approved of their intent to really enjoy and make the most of their day.

Karen and Brian’s wedding photography coverage began with Karen’s preparations with here bridesmaids and Andrew and Emmett kept shooting until the evening party was in full swing!

There were many things about this Ayrshire wedding that made it extra special from Karen’s stunning dress that her Mum beautifully made to the jewelled bouquet that Karen made, along with stunning Ayrshire Autumnal scenery.

If you are planning an Ayrshire wedding we would love to be your wedding photographers, please feel free to get in touch…

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